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Website Development for small and medium size business and organizations

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Located in Petawawa, Ontario

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Brian Cook


We design build and maintain websites for small and medium sized businesses and organizations.

"I build websites". 20 years ago that might have sounded impressive. But let's be honest. Currently it is now possible for anybody to build their own website. On-line tools and tutorials are abundant across the internet. So, you may very well ask yourself - and rightly so - "why should I hire someone to build my website, when I have all the tools available to do it myself?" So let's look at some of the reasons

  1. Building your website can be time-consuming. Despite the on-line tools that promise you can build a site in "just an hour" or something like that, they're referring to drag and drop apps that cover only the most basic needs

  2. Building your own website can be very frustrating sometimes

  3. You'll inevitably run into things that are much more complicated to produce

  4. It's good to have someone available to support you

  5. Most importantly - I'm a nice guy
We'll handle everything for you including...

Domain Name Registration

Site Hosting and Setup

Responsive Design (responds properly in both desktop and mobile devices)

Both Design and Technical Support


Training (if required)

Installation of Server Apps

Expand Your Website (if required)

Timely Updates



Starter Portfolio


Basic Business Site


Individual Plug-ins



Widgets & Plug-ins


1 year domain name registration
site hosting and support

1 year Basic Updates to your content

Custom Home/Landing Page

Responsive design

Up to 5 Static Internal Pages

3 email addresses

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get an instant quote from our cost calculator.


Everything in the starter portfolio plus

up to 10 pages

10 email addresses

any 2 add-ons/plug-ins

a basic CMS to let you make your own edits


database tables to search and sort live data

news section plug-in

blog / article plug-in

calendar / events plug-in

photo galleries / slideshows

forms, surveys, mailing lists

members and users areas

yellow pages style directories

simple shopping carts and/or paypal integration

Launch our cost calculator
Launch our cost calculator

Launch our cost calculator


Website Design Costs vary widely fom agency to agency and from person to person. The question is "which ones give you the most bang for your buck" Most places don't give you a quote on line - for varous reasons - and sometimes they're good reasons. It all comes down to how much the agency feels their time is worth, making sure we understand all your requirements, how large your site is, what features you'll need, etc. etc. etc.


Launch Our Calculator to get a cost for your custom site needs

We encourage you to research other on-line quote calculators for comparative purposes. Obviously we can't list them all, but below are some examples where you can calculate a cost at various other web firms. If you want to broaden your search for comparison quotes, simply "Google" on-line instant website design quotes. You'll get a large selection of results to investigate.


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Brian Cook
Petawawa, Ontario, Canada
email me at:


Why no phone # ?
Several years ago I went deaf and, although I hear fine with my cochlear implant, the phone is notoriously difficult to understand. This leads to frustration on your part, plus potential mis-information on my part. In this regard, my phone is for emergency purposes only.