Favourite Artists
Genesis (classic period 1971- 1977
Beatles (Experimental period - 1966 - 1970)
Pink Floyd
Dream Theater
Porcupine Tree
Queensryche (1988 - 1994)
Marillion (the Fish Years)
Jethro Tull
& more...but you get the idea






Favourite 10 Albums
Selling England by the Pound Genesis
Thick as a Brick Jethro Tull
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd
Close to the Edge Yes
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence Dream Theater
Deadwing Porcupine Tree
Operation Mindcrime Queensryche
Misplaced Childhood Marillion
Lateralus Tool
Brain Salad Surgery ELP





Favourite Songs
Supper's Ready - Genesis
Octavarium - Dream Theater
Arriving Somewhere But Not Here - Porcupine Tree
And You And I - Yes
Kayleigh/Lavender/Bitter Suite/Heart of Lothian - Marillion
Promised Land - Queensryche
Immaculate Eyes - Dalbello
Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd
Schism - Tool
Thick as a Brick - Jethro Tull



Favourite TV
Game of Thrones
South Park
Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver
The Daily Show
News Radio


Favourite Movies
Monty Python's Life of Brian
South Park - Bigger, Longer, Uncut
Django Unchained
Shaun of the Dead
The Departed
The Dark Knight


Favourite "Characters"
The Joker - Heath Ledger's (Dark Knight)
Eric Cartman (South Park)
Kramer (Seinfeld)
Jimmy James (News Radio)
Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)


Favourite South Park Episodes

Black Friday / A Song of Fire and Ass / Titties and Dragons - 3 part Game of Thrones spoof,

Pt 1 - Black Friday

The children of South Park form two battling contingents to get a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One during a Black Friday sale. Meanwhile, Randy takes a temp job as a security guard at the mall in order to make a little extra holiday money.

Pt 2 - A Song of Fire and Ass

The battle for which gaming console will dominate, PlayStation 4 or Xbox, builds, with both sides of kids and the companies of each game system, vying for the win.

Pt 3 - Titties and Dragons

The horror of Black Friday has begun and the battle begins. Forces will join, back stabbing will occur and there will be blood. And big floppy wieners.

Starvin' Marvin

The boys sponsor a starving Ethiopian child, only to have him show up on their doorstep.

Starvin' Marvin in Space

The government tries to hunt down Starvin' Marvin after he steals an alien spaceship.

Where My Country Gone?

Garrison decides he wants to build a wall to keep out all the undocumented Canadian immigrants.


Stan and Mr. Mackey suffer a hoarding disorder. In an attempt to find the cause for it, they get trapped in Mr. Mackey's dream.

You Have 0 Friends

When attempting to delete his Facebook profile, Stan is sucked into a virtual Facebook world; Kyle befriends a friendless third-grader, with drastic consequences.


Cartman dresses up as a robot from Japan, sent to Butters. He tricks him into believing it and can't give away his identity because he finds out Butters has a video of him dancing to Britney Spears and kissing a Justin Timberlake picture! It gets even more out of hand as the military decide to try to capture 'the robot' to make it a weapon.

Good Times With Weapons

The boys lie to get ninja weapons from the fair, but must decide whether or not to tell their parents when Butters is injured with a throwing star.

With Apologies to Jesse Jackson

Stan becomes a social outcast after his father Randy says "the N-Word" on national television, but Michael Richards and Mark Furhman come to Randy's rescue.

The Coon

Cartman tries to become a superhero, only to have another fourth grader steal his thunder by becoming one too and becoming more popular.

World War Zimmerman

Cartman sees Token as a threat to all humanity.


Eric's mom turns to Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan as a last resort to turn him to a good little boy, after he drives the "SuperNannies" to insanity - with one in an asylum eating her own feces.

Medicinal Fried Chicken

Randy deliberately gets testicular cancer so that he can receive a medicinal marijuana prescription, while Cartman becomes a black market KFC dealer when all of the restaurants are shut down for being unhealthy.


Thinking the school has posted the size of all the kid's penises for the whole school to see, Cartman works all the boys up into tizzy. The principal decides it's time to address Cartman's anger issues by having him take anger management classes. Cartman uses his anger to enrage the class and hold a business hostage. Stan's dad decides to teach the students how to properly measure penis size, using complex mathematical formulas.

Honourable Mentions

Raisins, Make Love Not Warcraft, Put it Down, Grounded Vindaloop, ...and many more.


These aren't my specific top 10's. Just a selection of others in Youtube.
I don't completely agree with all of them, but these things are always subjective anyway.











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