The Birth of a Legend


That must be about somebody else. But while you're here, I suppose a short bio may be in order.

So - here goes...


The Birth of Somewhat Less Than a Legend

That's more like it.

Part 1. The early years

Back in 1957 - yes, that long ago - I was thrust upon this world. I don't recall it being my idea, but nonetheless that's how I arrived.


Lived rather unremarkably after that until becoming a child of the early '70's. Those "formative" high school years - and the years following - were more akin to a "wandering in the wilderness" thing, as opposed to finding my promised land.

The Legend Continues - Dimly


When the 80's arrived, I had the epiphany that I'd better start doing something or else waste away in the desert.


Moving to Brantford, Ontario I became a draftsperson and spent a few years there before moving back to Petawawa and being gainfully employed in the federal government as a draftsperson.


While in that job, I was part of the process of evolving from the old "pencil, square and drawing board" style of work to the more recent Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) world.

Finding a Niche


After a few years in the CAD world, I became fascinated with the concept of 3D design and animation, so I left to pursue those interests. I believe I would have been a giant in that field but only one thing stood in my way. A horrible lack of talent.


It did however, lead me to do some teaching in basic computer graphics, and then into the world of Website Design in 1998.


Have been developing sites ever since. Slowed down a bit in recent years, but as they say - "the reports of my demise seem to be somewhat exagerrated"


So it's time to rebuild and renew my portfolio of sites.